Repair Leather Pool Table Pockets – 6 Steps

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Every part of a pool table eventually succumbs to normal wear and tear, which is why you should be prepared to repair or replace worn out parts over time. Therefore, pool table pockets do get damaged, so repairing or replacing is necessary. This guide on how to repair leather pool table pockets can be useful to anyone interested in learning how to perform basic maintenance on his/her pool table. While not difficult, the process does require attention to detail.


Repair Leather Pool Table Pockets


Step 1: Removing the Pocket Straps

Locate the wood screws then fasten the pocket straps to the pool table’s underside. The first step is to carefully remove them, using either an electric or battery-powered drill. Do the same for the remaining three pockets of the pool table.Repair Leather Pool Table Pockets


Step 2: Uninstalling the Rails

The rails are fastened to the pool table using a total of twelve bolts that are below the side and end rails. A socket wrench is the most appropriate tool to use for this step. Once you have removed all the bolts from the underside of the railing, lift the joined rails away from the pockets and the table with the help of a friend, then flip them upside down.


Step 3: Detaching the Rails

The end rails and side rails are joined to each other with bolts. Using your socket wrench, remove these bolts starting with those at the corner pockets. Repeat the process until you can detach the rails and pockets from each other.


Step 4: Installing New Pockets

First, find the metal tabs that are on either side of the corner pocket, then slide them until they align with the holes on the end and side rails. Hold this in place using two bolts, which you should fasten on the bottom side of the side and corner rail. You don’t need to tighten them with a wrench, your hands will do for now.


Step 5: Re-installing the Rest of the Pockets

Repeat step 4 until you have all corner pockets, but not the side pockets, attached to both the side and end rails. After you’ve ensured that the four pockets are all in place, use a socket wrench to tighten the bolts first before moving on to the next action, which is connecting the side pockets to the ends of the side rails.


Step 6: Re-attaching the Rails

After attaching all pockets back to the rails, it is time to put it back onto the table. With the help of a friend, lift and flip the joined rails right side up then lower them onto the pool table slowly. Underneath the pool table, you will see 12 holes for the remaining 12 bolts needed to fasten the railing onto the table.

First, insert all bolts by hand and tighten them slightly, then use a socket wrench to make sure that they are snugly tightened. Allstars Billiards says not to overdo it though, over-tightening the bolts can make the railing fragile. Finally, once the railing has been firmly re-attached, fasten the pocket straps onto the pool table’s underside using the wood screws you removed in the first step.


In order to repair leather pool table pockets you need to make sure you follow the steps above. Overall, always make sure you are routinely fixing your pool tables.

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