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January 28, 2020
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How to Do a T-Shirt Fundraiser

T-shirt fundraisers are a great tool to raise funds and raise awareness about an event or cause at the same time. You can even create a greater impact when you customize the T-shirts. These T-shirts are affordable options for many fundraisers for a wide range of reasons. As such, it’s important to learn a thing or two about how to do a t-shirt fundraiser.

How to Do a T-Shirt Fundraiser

T-shirts are a great fundraising idea because of the ability to customize them. In this article, we’ll outline a simple step-by-step process on how to do a t-shirt fundraiser. Whether your fundraiser is a run or walk, for example, you can create comfortable, fun and eye-catching tees for your participants.

Design Your Tee

Come up with a design for a custom tee that people will love. There are plenty of design tools out there that allow you to upload your own graphics, for example, insert a piece of clip art and add some text. Some design tools even come with templates that you can customize to your liking. Alternatively, look for a professional designer who will be willing to provide their services as a donation to your cause.

More Products

How to Do a T-Shirt Fundraiser

How to Do a T-Shirt Fundraiser

If you’re asking yourself what to sell for a fundraiser, consider adding more products, such as tote bags, hoodies and long-sleeve tees. Typically, the costs for making the t-shirt will depend on factors such as the number of colors on your design and the style of apparel you select. You want to ensure the costs are low as that will have an impact on the price you’ll set as well as the profit you’ll make.

Share Your Story

To improve sales, it’s important to promote your cause. You want people to know what the campaign is about, what it’s for and why it’s important to you. When doing that, make sure you have a title and description for your fundraiser and pick a timeframe for the campaign. Leverage social media to spread the word and encourage people to talk to their social contacts about your cause. You don’t necessarily have to be a charity to launch a campaign.

Whether you are fundraising for youth sports, or for high school athletics, tell your friends, supporters and family about your campaign. In today’s digital day and age, social media platforms provide access to a large number of potential donors which is good for your cause. People spend plenty of time online and by taking your campaign to the masses, you can reach a wider audience and raise more funds for your cause.

Consider Creating and Online Store

For greater sales and higher profits, you can create an online store that will make it easy for supporters to browse all your custom tees and apparel. An online store with tools that allow visitors to create their own designs and customize them to match your cause or brand can be a bonus. This is one of the many benefits of fundraising, as it can display your fundraising creativity and reacher a wider audience. 

Bottom Line

With these few tips, you now know how to do a t-shirt fundraiser. When the campaign ends and you’ve met or even exceeded your expectations, don’t forget to thank your supporters for their contributions. Send emails or if possible, personal notes to thank your supporters.

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