First Time Skydiver? – Skydiving Equipment List

What to Know Before Skydiving – How to Get Ready
October 9, 2018

Are you ready to experience the thrill of skydiving as a first time skydiver? Well, then you must know some of the things before you go and jump from a height of 12,500 feet above the ground. Besides the basic methods and safety procedures of skydiving, you need to know about some of the basic equipment and tools that you’ll be using. There are many add-ons that you must know about too. The “must haves” of skydiving are more important than the skydiving suit. So, are you a first time skydiver? – Skydiving equipment list for you:

#1: Parachute

This is the most important piece of equipment that you must have while skydiving. Some of the basic parts (components) of the parachute include the container (backpack), the main canopy, along with a reserve canopy. You have to the pull the strings (which will be color coded) to release the canopy after jumping from the plane. The average cost of a good quality parachute may be around $3,500. You can also look into military grade parachutes if you’re going to be doing more intense skydiving.

#2: Helmet

There are things that you go wrong during skydiving, especially if you’re going to be up 13,000 feet in the air. Helmets are a crucial piece of equipment, especially when most of the injuries are caused due to bad landing. Bad landing can cause the skydiver can lose their footing and fall off causing injuries, especially in uneven landing areas. Thus, a helmet is always essential to protect your head.

#3: Goggles

Another essential for skydiving are goggles. What is the point of skydiving if you cannot enjoy the view or see what you are doing? There are varieties of goggles available with different styles that you can wear while skydiving. You can get good quality goggles for $200 while a bargain shopper can find these for $10 or so.

#4: Altimeter

Though some skydivers may find it useless to have, it never hurts to have knowledge about your altitude. If you are skydiving for the first time, this tool is useful as it will tell you what altitude you are at so that you don’t pop your shoot too early.

#5: AAD or Automatic Activation Device

This is a really helpful device. As the name suggests, it will help you to automatically activate the parachute at the given altitude. This can take the place of the altimeter and also act as a safety device increasing the safety measure. A good quality AAD unit will cost you around $1200.

So, now you know what to expect as a first time skydiver. It is surely a thrilling and fascinating experience for the first timers. Though it can be nerve wracking, it can be one of the best experiences people have had in their lives. But to ensure that you have a remarkable experience, make sure to be aware of all safety precautions. All of the items listed above are going to be staples on any skydiving equipment list, and will be used for the jump.

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