Does My Treadmill Need A Mat?

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December 21, 2020

Manufacturers, fitness enthusiasts, and fitness bloggers concur that you might need a mat under your treadmill. Here are 3 reasons to consider.

You’ve purchased a treadmill. Like many significant purchases, it’s going to spark some questions about extras and accessories. For example, you may consider if you need a warranty or insurance for your new purchase. When purchasing a treadmill, many people ask, “Does my treadmill need a mat?” It’s a fair question that deserves some attention.

Manufacturers, fitness enthusiasts, and fitness bloggers concur that you might need a mat for under treadmill. You’ll most likely find a recommendation for placing a mat under your treadmill in the owner's manual, especially if it is set up on a stone, concrete, vinyl, tile, wood, or laminate surface.

It’s also recommended that you use a mat for a treadmill on carpet floors. Why? Carpet has dust and fibers that get into the air when you use your treadmill. Therefore, to keep these particles from entering into the motor and other electrical parts, you need treadmill mats for carpets.

Another advantage of getting a mat for treadmill is that it reduces the noises and vibration from the treadmill, and it prevents excessive dust from building inside the motor and under the device. You can get most mats at a cost that ranges between 25 and 50 US dollars.

You’ve chosen a treadmill. Whether you’re using your treadmill to train for a particular sport, or just for general exercise and fitness, you’ll want it working at its best. A mat underneath can help with that. But before you make your purchase, make sure you know your treadmill measurements so that you can get the right mat size. If you are still wondering, do I need a treadmill mat, here are three reasons you should make this investment.

Does My Treadmill Need A Mat?
Does My Treadmill Need A Mat?

1. Vibrations

Your treadmill vibrations increase depending on how hard and fast you run on the device. Your body size will also affect the impact you have on the treadmill and the floor. Therefore, getting a mat for your treadmill will significantly reduce these vibrations.

Sure, you can get a high-end treadmill that has the ability to cushion your impact more than lower-end machines. Nevertheless, the experience is always better when there is a high-quality mat under the treadmill. The mat also has the added benefit of reducing the treadmill noise.

This is why you'll always find mats covering the entire floor of most health clubs, or at least they'll have one under each treadmill.

2. Stability

The most stable treadmill will start inching forward after some time if it doesn't have a mat underneath. A mat under the treadmill increases the friction between the floor and the treadmill, which ultimately reduces the machine's chances to move about.

Does My Treadmill Need A Mat?
Does My Treadmill Need A Mat?

3. Floor Protection

Over time, the most rigid floors are damaged by treadmills, especially if there's no mat underneath. The small treadmill feet press down on the unprotected floor because of the treadmill weight and the person's force.

A person walking on a treadmill can also cause dents, cracks, or chips on the floor over time. Therefore, use an excellent mat to protect your floors.

Additional Maintenance Tips

The more you use your treadmill, the more you'll need to get it serviced by lubricating the running deck. This is how you should service your treadmill for a single user who uses the treadmill three to four times a week, with an average of 30 to 45 minutes per workout session:

  • After every 8 to 10 months of walking
  • After every 9 months of jogging
  • After every four months of running
  • Every month if the treadmill is for commercial use

The owner's manual should indicate the lubricant to use. A professional can help as well. But ensure you only use entirely pure liquid silicone. Clean any perspiration off the surface and console on the treadmill after every workout.

Also, use a soft cloth dampened in water to clean the treadmill once a week. The owner's manual should guide you on how to clean the treadmill belt and motor thoroughly. Purchasing a treadmill for your home use is an excellent exercise investment.

It allows you to work out any time and at the comfort of your private home. Therefore, don't shy away from getting a high-quality mat for your treadmill to protect your floors. It should enhance your exercise experience as well.

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